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Consultancy and training for developing web and mobile apps with the most innovative technologies.

What we offer

We're working with the most modern tools and frameworks as: react, redux, webpack, react-router, redux-saga, graphql, enzyme, jest and more.

  • Choose the best technology for your project.
  • Stay up to date with the latest tools and frameworks.
  • Get tailored training based on your business needs.
  • Overcome technical limitations and bring your idea to life.

For who

Are you a company with multiple teams or a small startup? We can help in all cases. Let us help you bring your product to life within deadlines and budget expectations or we can help you taking your technical stack to the next level.

* We offer start-ups a special discount


We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and we're happy to bring our knowledge to your home nearby or abroad.

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Send us a message here and we'll let you know how we can bring value to your project.